No 106: February 2012

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Burkhard Monien
Letter from the Bulletin Editor PDF
Maria Serna
In Memoriam Sheng Yu (1950-2012) PDF
Arto Salomaa

EATCS Columns

Ironic Complicity: Satisfiability Algorithms and Circuit Lower Bounds PDF
Rahul Santhanam, he Computational Complexity Column by A. Arvind
Understanding Non-Uniform Failure Models PDF
Petr Kuznetsov, The Distributed Computing Column by P. Fatourou
Type Inference in Mathematics PDF
Jeremy Avigad, The Logic in Computer Science Column by Y. Gurevich


News from Latin America PDF
Alfredo Viola
News from New Zealand PDF
Cristian S. Calude

Reports from Conferences

Report on AFL 2011 PDF
Manfred Kudlek
Report on CS&P 2011 PDF
Manfred Kudlek
Report on DISCO 2011 PDF
Andrés Moreira