No 101: June 2010

No 101: June 2010

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Burkhard Monien
Letter from the Bulletin editor PDF
Maria Serna
The Presburguer Award 2010: Laudatio for Mikolaj Bojanczyk PDF
The Presburger Award Committee
The Gödel Prize 2010: Laudatio for Sanjeev Arora and Joseph S.B. Mitchell PDF
The Gödel Prize 2010 Committee
Obituary: Robin Milner (1934-2010) PDF
Gordon Plotkin, Colin Stirling, Mads Tofte

EATCS Columns

One-round Walks in Linear Congestion Games PDF
Vittorio Bilò, The Algorithmic Game Theory Column, by M. Mavronikolas
Researching the Complexity of Boolean Functions with Computers PDF
Kazuyuki Amano, The Complexity Column, by J. Torán
Higher-Order Concurrency: Expressiveness and Decidability PDF
Jorge A. Pérez, The Concurrency Column, by L. Aceto
The Origin of Quorum Systems PDF
Marko Vukolić, The Distributed Computing Column, by P. Fatourou
Formal Modeling and Analysis of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Communication Based Systems using Graph and Net Technologies PDF
Kathrin Hoffmann, The Formal Specification Column, by H. Ehrig
The Tower-of-Babel Problem, and Security Assesment Sharing PDF
Andreas Blass, Yuri Gurevich, Efim Hudis, The Logic in Computer Science Column, by Y. Gurevich

Technical Contributions

Using Stochastic Indexed Grammars for RNA Structure PredictionWith Pseudoknots PDF
Uwe Schöning, Monika von Knop


The Japanese Chapter PDF
Kazuhisa Makino
News from India PDF
Madhavan Mukund
News form Latin America PDF
Alfredo Viola
News from new Zealand PDF
Cristian S. Calude


Call for Papers special issue on Frontier between Decidability and Undecidability and Related Problems PDF
International Journal of Foundations in Computer Science