Title 1: Name, headquarters

Article 1. "European Association for Theoretical Computer Science" (Association Europénne d'Informatique Théorique, EATCS), is an international association governed by the Belgian Law of international non-profit organization (Internationale Vereniging zonder Winstoogmerk), whose seat is in Rixenart, avenue du Château, 7.


Title 2: Purpose

Article 2. The purpose of EATCS is to promote the development of theoretical computer science, particularly in Europe. The association will

  • Organize the ICALP-conference every year in the first half of July (whenever possible);
  • Sponsor other conferences;
  • Spread results of research and exchange of information through scientific publications including "The Bulletin of EATCS";
  • Promote and coordinate research and teaching in theoretical computer science;
  • Cooperate with other professional associations.


Title 3: Members

Article 3. The members of EATCS can be physical persons or institutes. The application to become a member consists of remitting one year's membership fee to the Treasurer. Membership may be terminated by not remitting the annual membership fees or by a letter of resignation to the President.


Title 4: Internal management

Article 4. The organs of EATCS are the General Assembly and the Council.

A. General Assembly

Article 5. An ordinary General Assembly will be convened in connection with every ICALP conference. An extraordinary General Assembly takes place after a decision of the Council or after a written request of one fifth of the members who have to indicate precisely the agenda or the subjects they propose to discuss.

Article 6. The agenda of the General Assembly is fixed by the Council. Proposals for the agenda may be made by any member of EATCS and must be sent to the President at least 20 days before the General Assembly.


Article 7. Votes are carried by a simple majority of members present. The General Assembly is presided over by the President of the EATCS; in his/her absence, by a Vice-President or in his/her absence by an ordinary member elected under the temporary chairmanship of the oldest member of the Council present. The President appoints a secretary for the General Assembly.

B. The Council

Article 8. The role of the Council is to implement the policies of EATCS, to connect EATCS with different directions of research and geographic regions, and to steer the EATCS on a day-to-day basis.

Article 9. The Council of EATCS consists of 20 elected members and up to 10 members appointed by the Council. At least one member of the Council has the Belgian nationality. No more than 3 of the members may come from any single country, interpreted as the country of the main employer at the time of his/her election/appointment. The term of office for elected members is four years.

Elections for the elected members take place in odd years. In each election 10 seats are filled.

The appointed council members may be appointed any time, following nominations from the President. The appointments must respect the nationality constraints mentioned above, and otherwise aim at balancing the Council. The term of office for appointed members is two years.

Article 10. Nominations of candidates for the Council election can be made by any member of EATCS either in writing to the President (at least 10 days before the General Assembly) or orally at the General Assembly. The list of nominations is presented in the General Assembly.

Article 11. The actual voting is carried out electronically. The voting period is 30 days starting no more than two months after the General Assembly. Every member has six votes (a member can give only one vote to any particular candidate). For each candidate the ballot includes links to information on the candidates.

Article 12. The candidates are ranked by the number of votes received. The 10 top-ranked candidates are elected to the Council subject to the nationality constraints specified in Article 9.

Article 13. The Council elects a President, one or more Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Bulletin Editor. The term of office is two years ending with the ordinary council meetings in even years, and the President has the right to nominate candidates for these positions. The President may serve for a maximum of three terms.

Article 14. An ordinary Council meeting will be convened in connection with every ICALP conference. Extraordinary Council meetings may be called by the President or after a written request of one fifth of the Council members who have to indicate precisely the agenda or the subjects they propose to discuss. Extraordinary Council meetings may be organized electronically. In this case the voting period is two weeks.

Article 15. EATCS is bound by the signature of its President, Vice-President or Treasurer. EATCS is represented in justice by its President or by a member of the Council chosen by the Council for that purpose.


Title 5: Liability

Article 16. EATCS accepts no liability for any activity carried out partly or wholly on its behalf.


Title 6: Winding-up of EATCS-Modification of the Statutes

Article 17. The winding-up of EATCS or a modification of the present statutes are decided in a two step process. The matter is discussed at the General Assembly. If a two-thirds majority of the General Assembly is in favor, the matter is resolved by a vote of the membership. The vote is organized electronically. The voting period starts one month after the General Assembly and lasts for 30 days. Each member has a single vote. He/she may vote ACCEPT or REJECT (or not cast a vote at all). Acceptance requires a two-thirds majority of the votes cast. On a winding-up, the Council will dispose the balance of the assets of EATCS to a scientific body.


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