Nomination of Candidates for the EATCS Council Election 2019

Dear EATCS Member,

The term of office of the following Council members, who were elected in 2015, expires this year:


Lars Arge, Denmark (Appointed in 2015)

Jos Baeten, The Netherlands (Elected in 2015)

Lars Birkedal, Denmark (Elected in 2015)

Fedor Fomin, Norway (Elected in 2015)

Magnus Halldorsson, Iceland (Elected in 2015)

Monika Henzinger, Austria (Elected in 2015)

Elvira Mayordomo, Spain (Elected in 2015)

Anca Muscholl, France (Elected in 2015)

Luke Ong, UK (Appointed in 2015)

Thomas Schwentick, Germany (Elected in 2015)

Jukka Suomela, Finland (Elected in 2015)

Gerhard Woeginger, The Netherlands (Elected in 2015)


The complete list of current elected and appointed EATCS Council members can be found at


The electronic election of the new members will take place from September 9th to October 11th. In order to prepare the election, at ICALP 2019 we will have to nominate a list of candidates.


Nominations of candidates can be made by any EATCS member. In order to allow me to bring the nominations to the General Assembly in Patras (Greece) of ICALP 2019 and to organize the discussion, you are kindly requested to send your nominations by email to the EATCS Secretary Office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with Subject: Nomination of candidates for the EATCS Council Election 2019, by July 8, 12:00 GMT.


Nominations can also be made by those present at the General Assembly in Patras.


The candidates who accept the nomination will be asked to put their views on the association and their planned program of activity as EATCS Council members on their own web site.

Before the elections, the list of candidates, with links to their web sites, will be posted on the EATCS web site.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the 46th ICALP in Patras.


With best regards,

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