Results of EATCS Council Elections 2017

The new elected members of the EATCS council are (in alphabetical order):

Michael Benedikt (UK)
Patricia Bouyer (France)
Artur Czumaj (UK)
Javier Esparza (Germany)
Thore Husfeldt (Sweden, Denmark)
Giuseppe F. Italiano (Italy)
Christos Kaklamanis (Greece)
Claire Mathieu (France)
Emanuela Merelli (Italy)
Jiri Sgall (Czech Republic)

Statistics of Council Elections 2017

From 1306 valid members, voted 407, meaning the 31.16% of all members voted

In 2015, from 1004 valid members, voted 260, meaning the 25.89% of all members voted

The top elected nominator, ranked at 1st position, took 138 votes, the 9% of total votes

The last elected nominator, ranked at 10th position, took 72 votes, the 5% of total votes

The last nominator, ranked at 21st position, took 43 votes, the 3% of total votes your social media marketing partner
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