Statement from EATCS President and vice Presidents about the recent US travel restrictions to foreigners

The EATCS is an international professional society of computer scientists, whose members are citizens of many different countries including the United States and countries in Europe.

The EATCS is deeply concerned about the travel restrictions that the US government has recently imposed on foreigners — restrictions that are based on country of citizenship and on religious background.

In the 21st century, most scientific and technological advances stem from collaborations between scientists from different countries. This requires the crossing of borders.

In the United States, as in Europe, both academic research and industrial developments in information technology have been sustained by a large number of foreign students and employees. The current policy of the US government prevents foreign scientists from visiting conferences and research centres in the United States. It also prevents US-based scientists from visiting international scientific conferences and research centres (as well as family abroad), out of fear of not being able to return.

We believe that the current travel restrictions, in addition to causing individual hardships, will slow down and harm scientific progress and research, both in academia and industry, in the United States, in Europe, and elsewhere. your social media marketing partner
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