Best paper awards at ICALP 2016

The PCs for the three tracks of ICALP 2016 have selected the articles that will receive the best paper and best student paper awards at the conference.


The best paper awards will go to the following papers:

• Andreas Galanis, Andreas Göbel, Leslie Ann Goldberg, John Lapinskas and David Richerby. Amplifiers for the Moran Process. (Track A)

• Neeraj Kayal, Chandan Saha and Sébastien Tavenas. An almost Cubic Lower Bound for Depth Three Arithmetic Circuits. (Track A)

• Olivier Bournez, Daniel Graça and Amaury Pouly. Polynomial Time corresponds to Solutions of Polynomial Ordinary Differential Equations of Polynomial Length. (Track B)


The following papers will receive the best student paper awards:

• Samuel Hetterich. Analysing Survey Propagation Guided Decimation on Random Formulas. (Track A)

• Keerti Choudhary. An Optimal Dual Fault Tolerant Reachability Oracle. (Track C)

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