In memoriam
Wilfried Brauer (1937-2014)

We are very sad to announce that Wilfried Brauer, former president of the EATCS, passed away on Wednesday, 26 February 2014.

Wilfried Brauer was one of the first authors in the emerging field of theoretical computer science in the 1960s and early 1970s. During the 70s he contributed to the theory of finite automata, with publications about the transition monoid, the cascade decomposition, and the theory of automata over arbitrary monoids. This work is documented in his 1984 monograph on automata theory. Since the late 70s Brauer became  interested in the theory of distributed systems, in particular the theory of Petri nets and (later) of process algebras. He is co-author of a well-cited article on behaviour and equivalence preserving
refinement notions for Petri nets. In the 90s he became interested in the  foundations of artificial intelligence, in particular in the theory of neural networks and multiagent systems.

Wilfried Brauer, always in collaboration with his wife, Ute Brauer, has  contributed decisively to shaping, structuring, and expanding the TCS community, particularly in Europe. Until his retirement, Wilfried Brauer was one of the most active members of the EATCS. He was elected to the EATCS Council in 1972, one year after the foundation of the EATCS, and he immediately became a driving force of the association. He organized the next council meeting in Hamburg in 1973, at which many important
issues for the future of EATCS were decided, including the publication of the EATCS Bulletin. In 1985 he was elected vicepresident of EATCS. In 1988, as it became clear that the statutes of ETACS had to be reformed, he was one of the four members of the committee in charge of writing the new statutes. He served as vicepresident until 1994,  when he became president of EATCS, a position he occupied until 1997. During his presidency he was a prime mover in the reform of the ICALP conference, introducing the division into tracks A and B. This decision proved  crucial to establishing the conference in both communities.

Wilfried Brauer also played an equally important role in IFIP. His IFIP work started in 1974 as member of the Technical Committee on Education (TC3), of which he became vice-chair in 1984 and chairman for the period 1985-1990. He was general chairman of the 13th IFIP World Computer Congress (Hamburg in 1994), chairman of the Publications Committee and Technical Assembly, and finally vice-president of IFIP from 1994 to 1999.

In Germany, Wilfried Brauer was president of the German Society for Informatics, the main German professional organization in Computer Science,  from 1977 to 1979.

The German TCS community looks at Wilfried Brauer as one of its most important mentors. During his career he supervised 11 habilitations, including, to mention just two, those of Burkhard Monien and Volker Diekert, and 65 PhD theses, including those of Ruediger Valk, Hans Deduna, Klaus-Joern Lange, and Wolfgang Wahlster, who in turn have supervised over 100 hundred further theses.

Wilfried Brauer received numerous awards for his achievements, including honorary doctorates from the Freie Universität Berlin, the University of Hamburg, the Fellowship of the University of Bremen, the IFIP Silver Core, the Werner Heisenberg medal of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, and the IFIP Isaac L. Auerbach Award. your social media marketing partner
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