EATCS Election Results 2007 (Monday, October 15, 2007)

10 members of the EATCS Council have been elected for a four-year period.

21 candidates were nominated by EATCS members for the election, in which all members could vote electronically, and as a result the following have been elected (listed alphabetically):
  • Krzysztof Apt
  • Pierre-Louis Curien
  • Josep Diaz
  • Zoltán Esik
  • Fedor Fomin
  • Juhani Karhumäki
  • Madhavan Mukund
  • David Peleg
  • Andrzej Tarlecki
  • Gerhard Woeginger
On behalf of EATCS we would like to thank all the candidates for accepting their nominations, to congratulate the elected members, and to thank the members now leaving the Council for their contributions over the years. your social media marketing partner
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